In addition to being an excellent angler, Quinn is a talented fly tier, and produces all the dry flies, streamers, and nymphs used by his guests.

Tansi (Hello)

Qualified. Experienced. Patient. Passionate. These are some of the words guests use to describe Quinn. At 6’7”, you might expect Quinn to be an intimidating guy, but the opposite is true. As a person, he’s the ultimate gentle giant. As a guide, Quinn is thorough, enthusiastic, and genuinely concerned that you have the most memorable fishing day of your life.

Quinn’s guiding experience is extensive, and his knowledge and understanding of the famous Bow River - one of the most renowned fly fishing rivers in the world - is comprehensive. It’s his favourite hang out, his backyard, his happy place… and he loves nothing more than sharing his favourite runs, riffles and grassy banks with you.


"We don't fish for the fish. 90% of what I like about this sport, and it is a sport, is sittin' in the boat for 5 hours doin' nuthin'. And the icing on the cake is when God smiles on you and you hook one. And when you're reeling it in, everything else falls away." - Hank Hill-



Medicine Circle

Quinn is proud of his indigenous Cree heritage. While his ancestors didn’t fish the Bow, they did live along its banks and use its natural resources.  Quinn finds the experience of fishing on the Bow restorative; he often hears his guests describe their day as “peaceful” or “relaxing”. Quinn hopes that his guests experience some of the wellness benefits of connecting to nature through fly fishing – benefits that are described in sacred medicine circle teachings. The medicine circle is typically represented as divided by four quadrants. Each quadrant represents many things, from seasons, to elements of nature, to animals, to stages of life. Medicine circle teachings highlight – among other things – the value of spending time in nature to maintain a healthy outlook on life.



Our Clients Are Hooked!

Peter A, AB

I have had the distinct pleasure of fly fishing the Bow River with Quinn the past 3 seasons. He is a superb fly fisher, powerful rower and provides helpful friendly guidance about hatches, patterns, casting and landing big browns and rainbows. I can’t wait to get back on the Bow with Quinn later this year.

John H, SK

I have had the pleasure of Quinn’s guiding skill and experience for many years.  He is a knowledgeable and personable guide who knows what it takes to make a day rewarding and enjoyable.  This past August he put me on my biggest brown to date.  Can’t wait for next year, Quinn!

David R, UK

My Canadian fishing friend, Bobby, and I look for Quinn as our first choice guide for our Bow River floats. He is a true fly fishing enthusiast and seems to enjoy his floats as much as his clients! Top that with genuine friendship and hot home-made stew, enjoyed sitting on the banks of the river; he can’t be beat. See you next year, Quinn!