Fishing Reports and Fly Box

Tales from the river, videos, and some of Quinn’s favourite gear.

Quinn's Gear

From Rods & Reels, to Nets & Flies, all the favourites you'll find in Quinn's gear bag and boat.

G4 Pro Waders

Super durable with Gore-Tex to keep you dry, but they’re still very breathable.

G4 Pro Wading Jacket

Gore-Tex. Warm. Waterproof.  Enough said.


A great choice to go with the TFO Pro II series rods.  These reels are precision machined aluminum and have a smooth cork disc drag system.

TFO Professional II Series

I’d recommend a 4 to 6 weight for fishing the Bow.  These are great beginner to intermediate rods, with medium-fast action and great power.

Cinch Tie Knot Tyer

my number one gear choice.  Let’s you tie knots like a Ninja!

Nomad Emerger Net

excellent lightweight and durable net for wading.  Works with both packs and vests.

Boat Net – 38” Handle

Great net to have in the boat to haul in my guest’s epic catches!