Bow River Alberta Fishing Report – August 16, 2020

Water levels for the past few days have been fairly stable, but have been coming down slowly. Keep an eye on levels dropping drastically, this can turn fish off easily and take a couple days to come back around. If water temperatures rise too high it can increase recovery time for the fish, try a heavier tippet to shorten the fighting time and if water temperatures get above 20C try to avoid fishing for the rest of that day.

The fish seemed be to looking up today with hoppers starting to sound off on the banks. Even with the blue bird sky and high temperatures we enticed some surface eats along with takes on the long dropper, we’re talking 3′. Once again there were very small PMD’s flying around with caddis and crane flies. So mix it up, try some smaller hopper or even ant patterns. Streamers seemed to move a lot of fish when the dries and nymphing stopped producing, so don’t be afraid to bank it and yank it even on completely cloudless days.